Friday, September 17, 2010

First Rug on Loom

Here are the results of the first rug experiment:

It'll stay on the loom, since the warp is tensioned & working well. I will probably weave the entire warp and then remove the woven rugs & see how they look.

My 40" fabric tube made a rug that measures about 50" on the loom. With the 39" warp width (about 37" woven), that is a bit short. Especially since it will shrink once it isn't under tension on the loom, and probably further with washing. I would prefer something closer to 60" or even 64". But the length in this case was based on some cloth I had on hand.

You can see the thread repairs hanging down, these will have to be properly finished when the rug comes off the loom.

The structure is plain weave, so the log-cabin style threading pattern shows a little bit. But with these bright colors, it doesn't show much!

I have selected the fabrics for the next experiment, but not begun the process yet.


  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST, it sure looks GREAT!!!!!!

    Sounds like you are pleased and by sharing the 'JOURNEY' has made a lot of us happy to be along. How did the tensioning devices perform on the 'long-haul'?

    You are included in our ' CHECKING-THE-MORNING-MAIL '. " KEEP-HAPPY-WEAV'N, WE-DO "!!!!!

  2. Good question, Lou. The tensioning devices (selvedge rollers) seemed to work fine. The warp width is 39", and the woven rug is 37". That's not perfect, but it was consistent. It may be possible to set them so there is no draw-in, which would matter for some types of rugs. I am just learning so I may not have figured it out completely yet.

    I didn't like that it was necessary to position one of the selvedge rollers over the threads on the long rod they connect to.

    The threads are very deep on one end, so you can remove the rod without completely losing the settings for where to tighten the 4 nuts-you're able to keep one in place and that's enough to position the rest when you reassemble.

    I don't want to damage the threads, so I was loath to tighten that one completely, which may have added to the draw-in.

    This loom's design is brilliant, but it's clear that in this model they were still working out a few things.

  3. THANK-YOU-KINDLY for your discussion and understand your concern for the rod-threads and possible influence on roller effectivness. We also agree the W/D is ' well-thought ' and still-lots-to-learn ' Have not heard from RIVERSIDE!!!!

    KEEP-HAPPY-WEAV'N, WE-DO!!!!!!!!!!!